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tv   News  ABC  October 6, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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the weekend out look in a moment. where she a broken down car at frederick road not causing any delays. we have a live look at the traffic cameras, 95 at 175. steady in both directions. 95 at the tunnel, slight delays southbound because bore one is closed, bore 4 is closed northbound. you're dealing with the southbound delay at this point. people feel a church's good intentions could be a bad idea. the controversy for a shelter for the homeless. >> they hoped to move 15 homeless men into a shelter next week. it's owned by the church. neighbors voice their concerns last night, they were concerned about crime and other problems.
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they say the men have no felonies or no sex offenders on their records. >> we only do it for winter because we don't want them freezeing to death. we had too many we were helping that froze to death. >> i wasn't afraid of the molester, i was afraid of you all. three school systems getting $18 million in grants. they will use the moneys for projects. not clear on how much the money will raise by bumping the tax. it brought in $6 million in july. news around the nation, amazing video of a train hitting a dump truck. it happened in houston.
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it pushed a truck onto a sidewalk and you can see people jumping and narrowly escaping, 15 passengers taken out for injuries. there's been a possible sighting for that missing 10- month-old girl in missouri. she was last seen asleep in her crib in kansas city. officers may have seen here near kansas city. lisa's father discovered the child was missing when he came home from work tuesday morning. they believe that the child was abducted. they look like surfers. three suspects caught on camera wearing swim trunking before they vandalized a school. they took a dip in the school. >> they smashed out a window.
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costco. fees are going up. the membership will increase by $5. executive goes up $10 annually. they claim the rising costs of grocery is the cause. bankruptcy for some stores. friendly's ice cream has secured financing for the stores. they remain open as the company reorganizes. gift cards are honored. retailers say they have modest expectations for the holiday season. they translate into holiday deals for shoppers like you. they anticipate a modest increase of 2.8% totaling $265 billion. consumers have been paying down debt.
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retailers are able to order less merchandise and plan a lot of strong promotions for holidays that bring people in stores. retailers try to entice with aggressive promotions, you may need to seek them out early. they keep inventories tight to keep costs down. the cheesecake factory is the favorite casual dining restaurant. it's clean and the food tastes good. apple bees was tops in value and speed of service and ruby tuesday for healthier choices. attention shoppers, fashion designer will create a new collection for target. michelle obama wore one of his
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gowns to a ball. the news of steve jobs passing away. >> more on the passing of steve jobs coming up. . these folks are calling downtown baltimore their home. the message the protesters want you to hear. a fight against bullying kicks off in anne arundel county today. more on this national campaign coming up. some are bundled up this morning, some are not. widespread of temperatures in baltimore county. we all get a nice warmup. . we'll look at traffic when we continue.
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. >> this is your abc 2 news. looking at the legacy of steve
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jobs. first, let's go to meteorologist justin burke with the look at the forecast. we have temperatures in the 40s widespread. a few 50s along the bay. we're adjusting some numbers down to 46 degrees. we have ourselves a fresh air mass, a shift to the winds, maybe some fog. it's all about the winds we had pick up yesterday and the wind direction out of the northeast. the wind forecast for tomorrow, light winds and high pressure fully in control. we need to get the south wind to build in and bringing in the
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warmup. 7:07 sun up and through the afternoon. the weekend out look for the warmup in a moment. i have good news, both bores are open at the tunnel. we're getting into the rush hour. you may be stuck with it. looking at the outer loop, we have volume on the loop with the oncoming traffic, it slows down and eases up here at frederick road. the beltway at liberty road gives you an idea of what the volume looks like. we have volume on both loops at this point. steve jobs changed lives and changed how we communicate. his impact felt as you use your application on your ipad. all new video and reaction for the man that says what jobs is now a defining moment. >> he was best phone as a
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businessman and artist who created things we didn't know we needed. steve jobs the founder of apple died last night of cancer. this is new video, these pictures from the apple store in japan where mourners are leaving flowers and candles. in san francisco, people held up portraits of jobs on their ipads. steve jobs will be remembered as the genious behind the iphone, ipad and itunes. in 2009 he received a live transplant and in august he stepped down as ceo of the company. -- >> he was standing on the stage
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and suddenly appeared the image of bill gates and he say we're going to make alliance with microsoft, everyone was furious and he saved apple at that point. >> he was surrounded by his wife and family when he passed away. there's no word on funeral arrangements. they're planning a celebration of life for steve jobs. it was back in 2005 at a graduate speech that jobs actually spoke of dying. listen. >> remembering that i'll be dead soon is the most important tool i've encounters to make the importance choices in life. almost everything, external expectations, fear of embarrassment or failure, these things fall away in the face of death leaving only what is truly important.
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>> the speech was given after he was diagnosed with cancer. apple fans are logging on and leaving their condolences. you can leave your thoughts on they called them the flower children in the '60s and now they're the 99%. live in downtown billionth where the occupy baltimore organization is going on. not a grass roots organization, it's been organized for quite some time. >> reporter: they slept here overnight. you'll see them today and perhaps for weeks, just protesting, they're claiming they're the 99% against the 1% of the corporate greed of the country. you can see in the shadows of the bank downtown. joining us live is jay. you've been here since tuesday
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at noon. what is the goal for this week? >> hoping to get a lot of people down here. the ravens game and the baltimore marathon is next weekend running by here, we'll try to get them to run through the plaza. if you're coming down, show your support. >> reporter: you wrote a song within the last couple of minutes to sum up what you're about. >> we're going occupy until we're satisfied that things are going to change. why don't you take the time, come down and speak your mind, there will be no one else to blame. >> thank you. you heard it. they want their voices heard. anyone is welcome to join the movement at the corner of light and pratten. officials are going to highlight the importance of
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security. they kick off the awareness month. it's going to be dedicating a center. 6:48, you may have been bullied or bullied others. state leaders want to make sure you're protected and it can continue for many years to come. it's an important issue, it's drawing attention to the officials. johnson is live with more on the event in anne arundel county. >> we're here at anne arundel high school where students are starting to show up here for classes and they are in for a surprise today. later today, governor o'malley, the vice president of facebook, folks with the cartoon be here national bullying prevention month. the goal is to fight against bullying. they will encourage students and parents to stand up against
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bullying by taking the pledge. words can hurt. we see more and more cases of teens committing suicide because of bullying. the case where a 14-year-old committed suicide because of bullying. october is also parental involvement in education month. they encourage parents to take an active role in their children's lives. good morning. thank you for joining us. tell us about why this event is important today. >> it's very important not only for the bullying prevention, but the parental involvement part. they go together. it's a society issue and everyone plays a part. we're fortunate to have the governor and the first lady and the executives from the cartoon network. students are only in school 6
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hours a day. to have them as allies is crucial. >> they can maybe get ahole of the students better. >> absolutely. in this instant world of communication, that's where it's at. >> reporter: what are some of the things to do to fight against bullying? >> we have a campaign and have had for several years to speak up. silence is the worst thing that can happen in the case of bullying. you have to find the first responsible adult, communicate and put the wheels in motion to solve the problem. >> as far as parental involvement, what can parents do? >> to be advocates for their children partners with schools in the education of their children. they need to be involved in the classes and what's going on with home work to help their children achieve their potentials. >> reporter: thank you so much for joining us.
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once again, that event kicks off this morning at 8:45 here at anne arundel high school. many of the buses pulling up. students excited about the day's events. the breast cancer awareness month, stephanie rawlings-blake will be speaking at a lighting ceremony for the race course at 6:00. the race course is going to be lit pink for the month. on the web site, we have it set up, a special section dedicated to breast cancer awareness and support. the susan g. komen race for the cure begins at 8:00, there's a lot of activities to begin including the survivor's walk. we will broadcast from 7:00 in the morning until 9:00. it appears sarah palin announced wednesday she's not going the seek the republican nomination for the presidency
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in 2012. she say it was prayerfully considered. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is returning to washington. this afternoon, she will attend the military retirement ceremony for her husband, mark kelly. he's been honored at the white house after 25 years of service with the air force. excuse me, he served with the navy. the department of natural resources discussing the changes when it comes to fishing including monitoring system. the open house at the fire department. if you love to boat, head downtown to start a four-day boat festival. the harbor will be flooded with boats. it includes seminars, exhibitions and activities and
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there's live entertainment. it's october 6th. showing people boating. they might have been doing that back in 1941. i wanted to highlight this, on this date, 70 years ago, we were in the middle of a three- day heat wave that is still on the books with temperatures in the 90s. normal 49. we're close to that. high pressure in control providing us with sunshine. light winds out of the north and we have had a cooldown push in. the nice weather and the nasty weather we have had this year. we have a quiet weather pattern through tomorrow and into the weekend cloud-free.
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that means we can have chilly nights. 68 will do it. i brought us to the lower end. some may get close to the normal of 70. down to 42 tonight, near 50 downtown and by the bay. but we could find some upper 30s. it's not too early, 73 tomorrow, lows in the 40s. upper 70s on saturday up to 80. we're hitting the 80 button and we'll be stuck on that. repeat, repeat. we may get some moisture that try to build in from the gulf. the chance of rain for the second half of next week. >> i love it. i'll take more of the sunshine. 95 at the tunnel, all lanes
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open at earlier traffic problems. this is the parking lot on the beltway. the slowdown starts at 795 around liberty road. give yourself some extra time. jfx at northern parkway. doing okay southbound. as you make your way down past cold spring lane. the volume is okay. on the northbound side on the right shoulder an incident there. be careful not causing much of a problem. we're doing okay at north avenue making your way downtown towards fayette street. going to new york for good morning america, showing you, we're not kidding when we talk about the impact of steve jobs
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using technology. >> you have your graphics. >> our ipads, ipods, the impact on communication. have a good day.
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